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  1. Re: It's TRUE, CAGERS are out to get you ! not just in Cali

    the majority of folks in the GTA pack it in once the temp drops below the double digits, so for 6 months a year, drivers rarely see a bike on the road...and most folks look at us as a menace...
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    Re: Had my first real ride yesterday

    gravel is a blast...albeit those rocks can get into the darnedest of places...transitioning from that to deep sand will pucker your butt times and a little gravel training never hurt...
  3. Re: VIDEO: Watch Racer Josh Wainwright deflect a motorcycle disaster with his head!

    i'd be worried what kind of power the rear wheel spinning on his helmet would do...lucky bastar&...
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    Re: Is an arrest normal?

    there was a notion that the rider ran the red and the minivan had the right of way...i wonder how that will play out...
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    Re: Red Light Canera Question

    if you were already "in" the intersection when the light changed, then you are fine...
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    Re: Close Call Thread

    i went on a scarborough group ride...meh, too many to cite...
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    Re: Fighting a ticket at a speed trap

    first off, look at the posted speeds and where you were ticketed, sometimes the city has different speeds on file regardless of being posted. second, fight the ticket, argue that you were following...
  8. Re: Afraid of a fat woman in a silly costume but attacks a man with a cell phone

    well, if i have kids and some dude is standing on cinder blocks taking pics of my house from public land, he's gonna be face down and help until the cops arrive...charge me with assault if you want,...
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    Re: Cagers in my lane

    valve stem removal need to say more...
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    Re: Hazard on 410/Sandalwood

    last night i was riding in the crap weather on the 401, dark, rain, hail, heavy traffic, and boom, passed a huge chunk of debris, like half a huge recycling bin or something sitting in the left part...
  11. Re: Its been 1 year since the accident, court update.

    another reason why i would like to see more money go towards making a license to drive, harder to get...graduated licencing is a step, but it's still too easy for people to get a license in the first...
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    Re: Cagers in my lane

    car within reach, deserves good thumping, or kick to door...
  13. Re: traffic officers getting pushed to issue more tickets.

    what exactly can they do if you go about your normal ticketing procedure and not push for writing up more tickets? it's not like they can fire you for doing your job as what they are asking you to...
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    Re: This is what supermoto is all about!

    i felt like i should pull out my old NES with the soundtrack in that vid...
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    Re: Ask A Motorcycle thief

    lol, why is my bike not stolen yet...i feel so unloved...
  16. Re: Jizz on the seat ... come on, wtf ?! at work ?!?!

    i used to work with a guy we nicknamed "The Nester"...he would take wads of toilet paper, throw it in the toilet, jam it up good, cover the seat with toilet paper, wet it a little, make a little...
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    Re: Leak from under rad cap

    if it is dripping from under the cap and nowhere else, what would it take to replace what the cap screws onto, is it just the radiator? can you try the cap on another goldwing? anyone in here with a...
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    Re: Cagers in my lane

    happens all the time, i just got used to it, so long as they don't hit me i'm cool with it...but i don't pull over the line to give them room if i'm right at the lights, but i sit in the left track...
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    Re: More idiocy in, and around Toronto

    i wonder if mr ragu is watching this going "damn, i got this all wrong, i should be the one with the camera on the dash and drive through toronto, $$$ $$$ $$$!!!!"

    if you ever wanted to write off...
  20. Re: Its been 1 year since the accident, court update.

    some things i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, well, actually a lot of things, and rape and cancer is definitely one of for the driver, glad she at least got charged to show she is at...
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    Re: What do you think?

    lol, so she "During the summer months she was the operations manager for a sports club.", and happened to teach some water ski classes...meh, i do all sorts of jobs for my position, maybe i'm not an...
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    Re: Need tech help: Slow upload

    how big is the file that you are trying to upload?
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    Re: BC Getting Tough on Helmet Laws

    hmmm...i have an issue with the helmet law allowing turbans...if the person wearing the turban rides a motorbike, has an accident resulting in a head injury, and then requires costly treatment that...
  24. Re: Welp, 18% increase in auto insurance this year.

    damn, my insurance went from 2400 down to 1400, and when asked why, was just given a bullpoop excuse...i hate insurance, it's just such a lawyers, an evil necessity...
  25. Re: Facebook and the cost of keeping in touch.

    or just unplug from them...linked in i cancelled and closed and deleted my account, i still get their stupid emails...
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