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  1. Help Insuring Car with Rebuilt Title

    We are in the process of replacing one of our cars, so insurance related but not motorcycle.... I have found a good deal on a car that was rebuilt 11 years ago (and is branded). Our current insurance...
  2. Re: Quebec students protest in their underwear.

    Anything like this always raises the "transfer payment" debate. Not sure where Quebec is now but I imagine they are still getting transfer payments so if you are student in a have province (Ontario...
  3. Re: Smoke and Mirrors: Medical marijuana corruption

    Riddle me this, why does it have to be smoked? With all our science we cannot put this in pill/liquid form and sell it through the current channels? Now I somewhat understand drying, rolling, and...
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    Re: Uncontrollable twitches?

    I read this entire thread and the Dr. is the only one with sound advice.
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    Re: The state of Hip Hop

    Well you can't spell crap without rap... hip hop peaked with vanilla ice... All kidding aside, they are all sell outs and that is in itself the downfall, each one is more "extreme" than the last and...
  6. Re: Afraid of a fat woman in a silly costume but attacks a man with a cell phone

    More than likely knowing The Star this reporter was using the douchey "passive aggressive" harassment technique that is so popular by some these days (usually far left wing). It is the same thing...
  7. Re: Shipping form US to US "Terminal" Question for pick-up at terminal

    Looks like fedex offers "ship to location" (location being fedex location) which is exactly what I am looking for (and it is free!). I am doing a little more research before I give it a try, has...
  8. Shipping form US to US "Terminal" Question for pick-up at terminal

    I have some parts I want to buy (private sale, large box -24X24X48-about 75 lbs). Shipping from the seller (Indiana) to Toronto is $250 (parts are $125!).

    Looking at fedex and possibly greyhound....
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    Re: Somali pirates... pwned.

    Funny how the "pirates" rarely ever attack these illegal fishing boats and Mafia dumping ship, why... because they have been paid not to before hand.

    In short, because the pirates are in the...
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    Re: Bar end mirrors?

    I ran mountain bike mirrors (bar end) for years, cheap and never had an issue with them moving or vibration. Moved away once I changed the riding position to be more aggressive (lowered bars), they...
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    Re: Parking on sidewalks!?!?!? Wtf

    Damn, it had to be a Ducati....
  12. Re: Are you guilty of any of these motorcycle fashion faux-pas?

    Sunglasses and high vis, really, don't see the issue.

    I was just about to apply my rim tape...

    They also missed the biggest fashion faux paux, rider in leather jacket, girl on back wearing only...
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    Re: Tat Removal

    Of course there are lots of psychological studies that correlate low self esteem with the moment of getting the tattoo (and in some cases just that moment). In some cases the self esteem gets a bump...
  14. Thread: F35

    by backmarkerducati

    Re: F35

    Another thing to consider, with the wealth differential and political landscape in the US we should be more worried about civil unrest in the US escalating to a civil conflict than being invaded by...
  15. Thread: F35

    by backmarkerducati

    Re: F35

    IMO it is not should we buy new fighter planes, it is should we buy the F35. The current F18s are EOL and we cannot expect to keep them going for ever. We can replace them with the new super hornet...
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    Re: +1 on casino mr. Rob ford

    Fully support the casino idea but if the casino is at all for tourists (if the purpose is to make money off of people who do not live in the GTA as well as those that do) lets build it downtown where...
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    Re: I want a good Barbecue

    Be careful, many of the "top" brands (Weber, Napoleon, Broil King, etc.) make a NA made line and a Chinese made line(s), you really have to check the COO before putting the money down if that is what...
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    Re: Most dangerous vehicle to bikers?

    Of course the worst vehicle is the one driven by the distracted driver. Having said that distraction seems to be directly proportional to the size of the vehicle. Minivans and SUVs have drivers...
  19. Re: Ride a Harley ....... and be cool!

    At the risk of being labelled a Harley hater I have to say lol.... At one point or another I have had a Harley rider say everything that was said in the video...
  20. Re: leakdown tester spark plug adapter

    I bought one on ebay ($10 I think), the other option is to make one out of an old spark plug and the required air line fitting (requires welding).

    I may make one as well...
  21. Re: Rather weird dillemma. Need some advice quick plz!

    It did, as Rob noted...first offense is 5K to 25K, second starts at 10K up to 50K. Wording is along the lines of no lower (or not less) than 5K and no higher than 25K... It is on the MTO website.
  22. Re: Rather weird dillemma. Need some advice quick plz!

    Rob I think you are entirely right if the police reported to the scene. Since this is after the fact it may be hard to prove the other driver was in the wrong (although there were witnesses).

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    Re: going to dot3 from dot5

    See that is the kicker, the master you want to use was used with DOT3, but caliper and lines you want to put it on were used with DOT5... So either you are converting the calipers and lines or you...
  24. Re: Just had my motorcycle stolen from my driveway. Everyone watch your bikes

    The sad part is the police don't really seem to care. Much like the Ragu situation, the public starting to take matters into their own hands will likely "guilt" them into caring, should not come to...
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    Re: going to dot3 from dot5

    If ti has 5 now I would just stay with 5.
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