what/where protection gear?

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Thread: what/where protection gear?

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    what/where protection gear?

    figure this is the best place to ask,

    where in the gta can i get armored shorts/shirts

    i ride and plan on stunting at low speeds so flexibility/comfort is key
    i do not ride in leathers but i would like something that protects next best

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    Re: what/where protection gear?

    Head over to GP Bikes. They've got a great selection of all sorts of gear (thanks to the huge building). I do recommend at least a mesh jacket with padding/protection so that you're not getting scraped up when you fall. And mesh will be light and cool.

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    Re: what/where protection gear?

    now the question is how do i get there?
    im in downtown toronto with no alternate vehicle

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    Re: what/where protection gear?

    I got my icon battle field elbow pads from ktm on Kipling. I saw that they also carry the back protector there too, so I would check them out. I've been using the Icon battle field gear for slow crashes, and it works pretty good. The one place that you still can get some rash when you crash hard is your shoulders, there isn't much protection there.
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    Re: what/where protection gear?

    Head to Riders Choice (Dixie and Queensway).
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